How To Know Your Recovery Is Working

How to Know Your Recovery is Working

Recovery is a dynamic process and it’s natural to wonder from day to day how you’re doing on your journey. Not wondering might be a sign that you’re avoiding asking the hard questions, or maybe even taking your recovery for granted.

Keeping track of your progress is a necessary step for success, no matter what endeavor you’re undertaking. With this in mind, here are a few questions to ask yourself in order to gauge how your recovery is evolving.

Are you flexible and open to change? The road to recovery involves unpredictable obstacles and this remains true whether your journey is just days old or years in the making.

We can’t plan for every hurdle in life, but we can anticipate how we respond to setbacks. Look at each challenge as the learning experience that it is. Every chance to learn something new means you’ve got a new tool in your toolkit! Over time you may need a second, even a third backpack to hold everything, but the more tools you have the more powerful you’ll be.

Do you wake up with a sense of direction and purpose? Completing rehab and managing your recovery are significant milestones and they don’t come without a lot of focus and exertion. Take a breath, pat yourself on the back, and thank yourself for everything you’ve done to reach this exciting place in your life!

Beginning every day with a sense of purpose may take practice, so don’t worry if it doesn’t happen overnight or feels unnatural at first. It may help to see each day as a new beginning, with opportunities to grow in confidence and learn new things. If you feel that on most days you’re eager to see what the world has to offer and make a positive contribution, then you’re definitely on the right track!

An improved sense of self-esteem goes hand in hand with living a purposeful life. Think back to the time when recovery was not a part of your life. Did you feel hopeless, depressed, insignificant? Compare this with how you feel now. Simply being in recovery is a cause to feel good about the space you’re in today and all the dedication that it took to get here.

Just remember that self-confidence, like a sense of purpose, builds gradually. Every day you work on your recovery plan makes you another day stronger. As you gain the resilience and strength that comes with meeting treatment goals, your self-esteem will rise to new heights. Feeling the power and satisfaction that comes with more self-confidence is another sign that your recovery is working.

Do you feel the desire to help others succeed in recovery? At some point, you may feel secure and strong enough in your process to reach out to others and be a source of support. Everyone has had help along the way to get to the point in life they’re at now.

No doubt you have immense gratitude for the people who have been your guideposts. When you are secure in your recovery you will feel as though you have something valuable to give back. Feeling as though your knowledge and empathy can make a difference in someone else’s journey indicates that you are ready to share what you have learned with others.

Reaching out to help others means that you recognize the progress that you’ve made and are ready to build on your own success. If you can see the impact of the positive changes you’ve made thus far, and view your life as healthier and happier than in the past, your recovery is working.

When you have the ability to put your life–past, present, and future–into perspective, it means you’re using the tools you gained in rehab as well as the ones you’re adding in recovery.

Earlier we talked about being open to change. Now ask yourself, are you ready to embrace change? Being open to trying something new and feeling as if you are ready to tackle change head-on are two different things!

You’ve been through some incredible changes to get to this point in life-changing your behavior, your mindset, maybe even the people you hang out with. You’ve slain many dragons. But there are more to come.

Change is as constant and predictable as the changing of the seasons, as the cycle of night and day. If you’re not quite ready to fling your arms open wide and say, “bring it on!” don’t worry, inviting change to show what it’s got to give you is definitely not an easy thing to do. Nor is it comfortable, or always enticing.

But remember that you’ve already been through an amazing amount of change—kudos! If you don’t feel like taking on much more right now, that’s normal. Just give yourself space and be open to the kind of change that can help your life grow in unexpected and delightful ways. Think about nature’s changes—without a little rain new growth is impossible; without the death of flowers in fall, there would be no new blooms in spring.

When you realize that we are a part of nature, with all of its built-in highs and lows, gloom and sunshine, you are on your way to accepting, even welcoming, change. And that change is what life in recovery is all about.

Congratulations on all of the hard-earned growth you’ve made to this point, and remember, we are all a work in progress!


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