How To Say No With Grace And Conviction

How to Say No with Grace and Conviction

Do you find it hard to say no? Especially when it’s a loved one, co-worker, or school mate who’s asking, but you really don’t have the time to help out in that moment?  

We’ve all been between a rock and a hard place, between wanting to do what’s polite and what’s really best for us.

The issue gets stickier and trickier when the people reaching out have helped you through a tough time, like getting sober.

In this case, you may feel obligated to give back, even if you’re not in a space yet to do so. If you’re having trouble declining when you really should, it may help to remember the reasons why saying no can be the best gift you can give yourself.

For example, saying no to something that is not in your best interest, or makes you feel uncomfortable, is an investment in your own well-being. In your circle of friends and family, the ones you have your back and love you will understand when your motivation for saying no is protecting all of the gains you’ve made.

However, knowing it’s ok to say no, and actually doing it are two different things, so don’t complicate the task at hand!

If you feel more comfortable communicating electronically, use that route. If a phone call works for you, go for it. Depending on how sensitive a situation you feel it is, maybe meeting face to face would be best.

Sometimes hearing the word no is as hard as saying the word no. Sincerity, a gentle voice, and polite words will go a long way toward letting someone down easy.

However and wherever you communicate, don’t waffle. Be strong in your conviction and the choice you’ve made.

If you start to feel that the other person is pressuring or guilting you, wrap up the conversation with a friendly goodbye, and go on about your day knowing that you made the right choice for you, your recovery or sobriety, and for your future. 

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