Why Sober Living Is Worth It

Why Sober Living is Worth It

There’s no doubt about it, living sober can sometimes feel awkward and new. But the flip side to that is the incredible feeling that comes with knowing you’re not making choices today that you’ll regret tomorrow.

If you need a reason to remember why sober is better, here are just a few examples of why sober living is worth it.

Your memory improves and you remember life is a precious gift. Have you ever forgotten a birthday, anniversary, or a special event because of insobriety?

It’s amazing how many special moments make up an ordinary day. Like the smile of someone special, or the touch of a wet nose and a wagging tail. Without the awareness that comes with sobriety, you could miss out on all of the moments that make life worth living.  

Your relationships improve and you become a better partner, friend, parent, etc. Damaged relationships aren’t repaired overnight. But they can’t become truly healthy unless you are.

Patience, positivity, and compassion are all traits that blossom when you’re in a good space, and they’re necessary ingredients to building satisfying relationships that stand the test of time.

You have more money when you’re not spending it on unhealthy addictions or behaviors. Think about the money wasted on drugs or alcohol. Now think of all the things that you can buy while sober that will bring joy and positivity to your life instead of pain and regret.

When pain and regret are no longer an everyday part of life, you will be happier with yourself. Self-esteem doesn’t blossom overnight, but you might be surprised how living sober can make you feel light yet balanced, hopeful yet grounded.

You will discover that being sober and feeling happier means looking better, too. And not just because you break out your killer smile more often!

Your body will thank you for stopping the steady stream of toxic chemicals. How? Dark undereye circles, worry lines, blemishes, and weight issues caused by unhealthy substances will fade. In their place will be the real you, with the natural shine that nature intended!

Lifelong recovery is possible: all you need to do is reach out. Starbent Recovery was founded on the belief that people suffering from addictive disorders, trauma, and other co-occurring issues can thrive in the right environment. 

Our professional, dedicated staff have the understanding, experience, and compassion necessary to support each resident’s clinical treatment team goals. We offer individualized tier level programs and guidance with residents’ personal recovery and independent living goals.

Our safe, peer residence offers luxury amenities and is located in the heart of upscale Tribeca close to multiple subway lines, and surrounded by trendy dining and shopping.

To learn more about our premier women’s recovery residence, call us at (800) 673-0176.

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